How It Works

It works like this…

On Thursday, March 16th, we will get the Challenge started with a kick-off party where each team will draw an envelope from a fish bowl. Each envelope contains a fancy card (okay it’s a cheap index card), with TWO genres (genres are listed below) on one side and the obligatory elements on the other. At precisely 5:00pm, each team’s representative will tear open the envelope to reveal their team’s “Genre Picks”. Then each team will choose one of the two genres drawn and register their choice of genre with the Jump/Cut representative. Your film must be true to the genre you choose — no trading with other teams and no do-overs!


Western Musical Comedy Romantic Comedy Dark Comedy

Film Noir Drama Avant-garde Experimental Mockumentary

Sci/fi Fantasy Horror Roadtrip Silent Film

Buddy Film Super Hero Period Piece Romance Martial Arts

Suspense/Thriller Action/Adventure Detective/Cop

Common ground… 

Much like other film Challenges, all Jump/Cut films will have several things in common – these common features are obligatory elements for each film and only those films that follow all the Challenge’s requirements will qualify for awards consideration.

Character, Prop, Line of Dialogue and Landmark – 

At the Kickoff Event we will announce a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a local landmark – these elements must be included in each and every film. Each team will have the same elements and it is up to each team to decide how to integrate these elements into their own films. Teams compete for most creative use of these elements.

Obligatory Character – 

Characters will have an “ambiguous” name which can be male/female and a brief description – i.e. Andy Applegood, Foodie. The character may play any size role and they must be seen and/or heard. They must be clearly identified in some way so the audience can clearly infer who the character is.

Obligatory Line of Dialogue – 

The required line of dialogue must be heard or seen – it may be written. It may be in a foreign language, but if it is not clear that it is the required line, it must be translated within the context of the film.

Obligatory Prop – 

The required prop must be seen, and it must be used in your film in some way. If the assigned prop is unusual or difficult to come by it will be provided by the Jump/Cut team.

An obligation is an obligation… 

Our judges/mentors will take each team’s adherence to the rules of the Challenge and use of the obligatory elements into consideration as part of their scores for each film.

  •  Elements In Credits Do Not Count Toward A Film’s Adherence!

All obligatory elements must play an active part in the story of your film. Using any of the elements only in the end credits will NOT fulfill this requirement.


Best Film

Audience Choice – Best Film

Best Director

Best Acting

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Musical Score

Best Sound Design

Best Special Effects

Best Use of Character

Best Use of Prop

Best Use of Line

Best Use of Local Landmark

Best Writing

Judging Criteria – 

Our mentors will jury the films on the following merits:

Artistic Achievement – writing, performances, creativity and entertainment value

Technical Achievement – cinematography, lighting, sound, editing

Adherence to Challenge Rules/Requirements

Audience Choice Award 

All films are eligible for the Audience Choice Award, which is determined by audience ballot at the Jump/Cut Screening.